Anne Hamilton

Anne Hamilton is a creative writing tutor and fiction editor who lives in Edinburgh with her young son. In addition to her own WriteRight business providing services for authors, she has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow, is a tutor with Edinburgh University and,  and is the editor of online magazine, Lothian Life.

Anne’s travel memoir, A Blonde Bengali Wife inspired the Bangladesh-based charity, Bhola’s Children, and when reprinted as an eBook in 2015, it became a Kindle #1 bestseller on re-publication.

Anne’s short stories are published online and in several anthologies; Last year, she was the winner of the New Asian Writing short story competition and shortlisted for a Fresher Writing Award. In 2017, she has participated in *Love Unlimited*, a collection of short stories by international women writers, and *Travellin’ Mama*, an ethnography about travel with children. She has also been working on her second novel in conjunction with Curtis Brown Creative. Anne has appeared at the Edinburgh Book Festival and the Tarbert Book Festival and is a popular competition judge.



Twitter: @AnneHamilton7 and @Anne_ABBW

Magazine: and @LothianLife