Looking for Accommodation?

We do hope that visitors to the Book Festival will stay a while in Tarbert. Here is a list of local bed and breakfast and hotel facilities.  For further information you may wish to enquire at the local Tourist Information Centre who can direct you to your accommodation needs.

Anchor Hotel http://lochfyne-scotland.co.uk/

Islay Frigate Hotel http://www.islayfrigatehotel.com/

Stonefield Castle http://www.bespokehotels.com/stonefieldcastle

Tarbert Hotel http://www.tarberthotel.com/

West Loch Hotel http://westlochhotel.com/

Knap House http://www.knapguesthouse.co.uk/

Southcliff http://southcliffe.com/

Starfish Rooms http://www.starfishroomstarbert.co.uk/index.html

Struan House http://www.struan-house-lochfyne.co.uk/

Springside B&B http://www.scotland-info.co.uk/springside/